We offer 2 unique and different experiences of hospitality, just out of Rome. So to enjoy the double experience to visit the ancient capital of Italy plus its green, hilly wine area located just 30minutes away, downtown and our local railway free shuttle service offer the opportunity to move easily in and out Rome 😉


Borgo dei Sagari for a real italian high quality experience, your private lodging with Concierge assistance in our precious medieval old town. A unique and new italian style option of hospitality for a so-called  “Albergo Diffuso” scattered lodging experience… visit and book : WWW.BORGODEISAGARI.IT


Wiki Hostel & GreenVillage for a low budget top friendly experience, a green oasis where to meet the world. A world wide awarded hostelling experience, appreciated from travellers and globetrotters arriving from all over the world … visit and book : WWW.WIKIHOSTEL.IT

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